JIpremium 2019 Exhibitors

Selaras Multi Cipta, PT

Jl. Baru No 1, KBY Lama, Jakarta 12240

Selaras Printing is a printing service company serving printing books, brochures, business cards, banners, invitations, as well as fabrics,canvas, acrylic and wood. Located in South Jakarta. Selaras Printing has been established since 2000, started as a film separation service. Currently Selaras Printing has an offset printing machine, with supporting machines for printing books, brochures, letterheads, invitations, catalogs, financial reports, agendas, calendars etc. A3 + digital print machine for printing stickers, business cards, brochures, labels, indoor banner printing machines with the best color and sharpness quality for making stickers, roll banners. We also have outdoor banner printing machines for outdoor sticker printing, flexy banners, and also machine for print fabric such as for hijab, pillowcases, tote bag, besides that we can also print on canvas, arylic and wood.

Tel: 21-72796847



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