Coffee Expo Seoul




Coffee Expo Seoul 2020



Coex Hall    South Korea


9-12 April 2020


215 International Exhibitors


43,486  Buyers


Coex Co., Ltd, Korea Coffee Association


Exhibitor Profile

Premium Coffees & Teas, Machinery and Equipment,

Gourmet foods, Franchise and Shop Supplies Etc.

Why Korea ?

1) Korea have approximately 77,000 Cafe

2) Average people in Korea drunk 512 cups of coffee per year

3) In 2018, Korea imported 160.000 tons of coffee beans or USD 650.000.000

4) The largest coffee exporter to Korea is Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, USA, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Kenya and Indonesia

5) 72% of Korea coffee import is  Green Bean and 16% Roasted Bean and Instant Coffee Power

6) Import tax for Green bean is 0% and for roasted beans and others is 10%

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